Riding the sunrise, reaching for horizon strength

I saw it

Caught it rested in the orange with scarlet

‘round the edges

Spun it, wove it round the world until it’s heart


And for me it shrunk so small I could wear it

on my finger

The power that I’d tapped was strong and

I could feel it

Watering me like it’s magic rose, taller everyday

I grew

With budding velvet petals reaching, dewdrops fall

like tears

And when my thorny stem would cut I could feel them


Beauty slept with anguish not long after sunrise


Their broken passions scattering to pierce

wide open hearts

I could want no part of this and sought to end

their woes

But how impossible it was to divide upon

such sorrow

Fail’s arrival not surprised by naive and

weakened fools

A creature of innocence lacking confidence

in strength

With hopes to health the world and spare it

from its pain

Could never satisfy her goal but trying

and undoubting

Made the earth a better place and smiled

all the same

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